The ''Evergetikon''counts 12 years in research and production, using only 100% natural cosmetics and other special, unique products of great value. It is worth saying that all these years, there has never been an incident of allergy or a problem of any kind recorded by partners in Greece or abroad.

"Evergetikon" cosmetics do not contain water, except for the cleaning products (shampoos,shower gels, liquid soaps), no other products, our creams, contain water. This, apart from the naturalness of the materials, gives us the great advantage that they do not need preservatives, synthetic or chemical additives.

We want to emphasize that the '' Evergetikon '' exceeds international standards and legislation. It is free from parabens, silicone, propylene glycol, mineral oil, ethanolamine and phthalates, whose absence characterizes a product natural.

''Evergetikon'' cosmetics do not contain anything considered dangerous by the Greenpeace, other groups with social action, many scientists and universities. Substances such as phthalates, eneanylfainoles and related compounds, musk xylene as aromatic additive, as triclosan, antibacterial products containing genetically modified organisms, the chemical methylisothiazolinone (mit), for which a lot have been said, as it is widely used in creams, shampoos, hair dyes and other cosmetics, belonging to a group of substances called the biocides whose aim is not to let bacteria grow for a long time.

It is of great importance for us, the close monitoring from the beginning to the end of the production for all of our products.

Raw materials must be clean, with specifications, the production - manufacturing must be natural handmade without high temperatures that might affect the ingredients, no discount in the name of technology and mass production.

Our products, 100% natural, have two years life and a year after the opening, in glass packages for more protection. Beware! light is considered an enemy, therefore black bottles face no problem, whereas the transparent bottles should be placed in their boxes so as to avoid the light, otherwise they will spoil f

We strongly believe that through natural materials, with their combined beneficial properties, through a comprehensive care and treatment we gain much more:


with the natural result of, HEALTH - ETERNAL BEAUTY - & YOUTH