Most of us know jasmine as an ornamental plant grown outdoors both for its beautiful, white flowers and for its sweet and strong fragrance.However,it is frequently used in perfumes and it is a key ingredient in products beneficial to the skin.

This is the reason we use jasmine in the preparation of our natural products that are beneficial for our face,our body and our health as a whole.Jasmine essential oil moisturizes, restores and balances the skin's moisture making it glow without clogging the pores. In particular, for people with acne prone skin, dehydration is often an aggravating factor that stimulates sebum overproduction. Jasmine has antibacterial and soothing properties – it contains benzoic acid and benzyl benzoate – which relieve irritated skin and prevent annoying pimples.Jasmine works wonders on dry and mature skin! Specifically, it deeply moisturizes and reduces itching as well as the presence of wrinkles. Its oil enhances collagen production and increases skin elasticity. Due to its antioxidant properties, its frequent use is particularly therapeutic for the skin signs of acne or wounds, stretch marks and scars.We should always remember that beauty comes from within.Jasmine essential oil is known to relieve the tension and stress of the day. Its warm, floral fragrance and mild calming properties help clear the mind while relaxing the senses and creating a balanced atmosphere that gives a restful night sleep.Due to its soothing properties, jasmine is therapeutic for mild skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.It is excellent for sensitive skin as it balances it without causing irritation and helps reducing redness and inflammation.

Jasmine oil strengthens hair and moisturizes dry scalp while its antimicrobial action treats various scalp diseases.